About Klonbits

Klonbits is a technology company that develops custom software for businesses and continues its activities in Istanbul, with its headquarters in Antalya.

Since our establishment, the leading brands in the industry have preferred to work with us thanks to our ability to develop the most permanent and fastest software solution to solve new occurred problems.


Our mission is to develop sustainable software for enterprises, lead them on their technological journey with robust and innovative solutions.


Being innovative, determined and problem solver is the company’s spirit to achieve the best possible result.


How we convert your idea into a Software Solution?

Need Assessment

Every software project starts with the determination of requirements Each of the business or business idea has its own technology infrastructure needs. It is very important to conduct a comprehensive requirements analysis to develop a sustainable software solution. In this step of our business development process, we analyze the requirements and share the sectoral experiences we have acquired with you.

Analysis and Project Planning

After understanding the needs of your current business or new business idea, we conduct our analyzes meticulously, decide on the architectural structure and then determine our project plan.

Development and Testing

In this step, we begin to write code by following the workflow we have determined according to the architectural structure of the solution and the priority order of your requirements. We test each module in terms of functionality, performance and user experience by using real data.

Deployment and Support 24/7

After providing the necessary training to the department managers and system users of your company during the deployment process, we take the project online. In this step, where we continue to test and analyze potential needs, our support team will be in contact with you 7-24.