Mobile App for Hotels.
Engage with your Guest

Thanks to real-time data sharing feature, we have managed to synchronize your website and mobile application.Improve guest experience during their stay and attract them more than ever!

-Upcoming Events Announcement in Real-time
-Add on Favorites
-Online Reservation and More

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Why mobile application is important for hotels ?

The perspective of hospitality industry shifts from the expression on luxury facilities into a more digital oriented service understanding.

Nowadays many guests (especially millennials) expect everything to be automated and controllable by smartphone. In order to meet millennial travelers’ expectation, hotels need to invest more on mobile applications.

Mobile Apps basically let hotels get closer to guests, increasing brand affinity,
loyalty and revenues.

Here are three reasons why your hotel needs a mobile app;

Track More Guest Data on Mobile App

A mobile app helps you track more guest data with ease.On their stay, guests are more willing to share personal data on mobile applications.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Hotelier can respond their guest’s service requests quickly during their stay and improve guest experience and customer satisfaction.

Boost the Usage of Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are great way to boost guest retention and engagement.Mobile apps establish most suitable environment for your guests to start up your reward-oriented evaluations by doing everything practical.