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Manage room rates and availability across all sales channels from one robust system.With Otelbits Central Reservation System you will get a fully integrated sales operation system and smart tools to sell direct.


What is Central Reservation System ?

Central reservation system (CRS) is a reservation software used by hotels to dynamically manage room inventory, rates, and reservation process.

The Central reservation system generally integrated with Property Management System (PMS) then receives and distributes availability in real-time to direct channels

such as the hotel’s booking engine and call center as well as OTAs and metasearch (third-party sales channels).

How does the central reservation system work?

Firstly room inventories, rates, markets, discount rules, and sales periods are determined on the Central reservation system for once only.

Then these data are distributed in real-time to direct and third-party sales channels of the hotels.

Reservations from these channels are sent back to the CRS and it works as two-way communication. The sales and marketing team use the CRS to manage these reservations and to adjust pricing quickly to be updated across all channels.

What are the benefits of a central reservation system?

The major benefits of the Central reservation system are to keep tracking reservations and to distribute the hotel’s rate and inventory through a singular system.

A hotel only needs to input rates and manage inventory through a synchronized system instead of manually updating rates in various channels.

Other advantages of the CRS may include helping Revenue managers to perform critical tasks like examine booking patterns, fluctuate and manipulate room rates, forecast revenue opportunities, adapt to market trends, etc.

What features should have a Central reservation system?

-The Central reservation system should have a rate management tool.
-CRS should integrate with the hotel booking engine and e-commerce platform.
-CRS should integrate with PMS and other key tech providers.
-CRS should include an IP and VOIP central integrations.

Which hotels should use a central reservation system?

All hotel chains or independent hotels that aim to increase online revenue and manage sales operations effectively can use the central reservation system.

The important thing here is to be aware of the digital transformation requirements and to have the human resources that can carry out the sales operation within the hotel.

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Key Features
of Otelbits


With Otelbits, you can manage all your sales operations by logging into a single system. An agent only needs to define contracts and inventory through the system.

  • An automated process on Otelbits minimizes errors and redundancies resulting in higher efficiency.
  • With faster turnaround and elimination of wasteful practices, automated processes facilitate time and cost savings.
  • Workflow automation software Otelbits helps you gain insight into your processes with analysis and reports, thus helping you make decisions.

Fully Synchronized

Central reservation office, web booking engine, financial operation tools, and other units work together synchronically.

  • Otelbits make the channel management easy by displaying your hotel's web reservations, call center reservations and agency reservations together.
  • With Otelbits, you can get reservations from all sales channels by credit card, wire transfer and self-payment link.
  • Call center software, financial management, contract management can be easily managed from a single system.

Fully Customizable

From mail drafts to minimum stay periods; From inventory descriptions to user authorizations: Every detail that affects your sales operation is editable and completely flexible.

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Conversion Booster

Otelbits Central Reservation System serves smart tools to boost your conversion rate on web booking, call center, and B2B sales.

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Offer Module

When your potential guest contact you to get information about price, availability and room details you will be able to send them an offer mail with a custom mail template.

  • Thanks to the self-payment feature, you are going to get instant payment.
  • You can send an offer mail through social media channels as a link where your guest asks accommodation prices mostly.
  • You can even analyze which social channel has a better conversion rate.

Metasearch Integration

Otelbits -central reservation system- integrates with the Metasearch provider Adshotel. Metasearch and Programmatic are the most effective Adv Channels to convert searchers into Bookers.

  • Your hotel's official website can be listed on Tripadvisor, Trivago, Kayak, Google, Skyscanner, Wego, Momondo.
  • When you run advertising campaigns on Metasearch you will pay much less per booking than with regular OTA platforms and can keep a greater share of profits.

Parity Equalizer

Rate parity is not only important for your prospective guests, but it helps you attract more distribution partners as well.

  • Rate parity prevents business complexity
  • Rate disparity can be prevented.
  • Rate parity can boost your revenue

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